Heather H….

I heard about Dr. Chambers from a friend that I work with who sees him.  I made my appointment back in February and I could not be more impressed with this practice.  He is a chiropractor/natropath who beleives in treating the person as a whole.  He is really big on treating what ails us through diet change rather than prescribing medications. During your first appointment you complete an in depth questionnaire on your eating habits, bowel habits, sleep and exercise practices.  He will order fasting labs, evaluate your labs and then helps you develop a dietary plan that is designed to treat you and your symptoms.  He also will do a head to toe exam including assessment of all the vital organs and your vital signs.  From there he will make adjustments by using Applied Kinesiology, the Vibracussor®, and the Arthrostim® instead of cracking your neck and back.
For a few years I was always feeling “sick”.  Constant bloating in my gut, always having joint pain, feeling depressed ect.  Dr. Chambers put me on a 21 day detox.  This included taking liver cleansing supplements 3 times a day, drinking a protein/cleansing powder drink and limiting my diet to only meat (certain cuts of meat…lean chicken, fish, and lamb, no red meat, no pork), veggies and beans (no sugar, no starches).  The idea is to eat very clean and drink lots of water to flush all toxins and impurities from your system.  I lost a total of 15 pounds after the detox and I felt amazing.  It was not as hard as I anticipated, and I was very rarely ever hungry.  After my 21 day detox I then began adding certain foods back into my diet to see how I would “react” to them.  I started with eggs and tomatoes.  A couple of times I ate food that contained dairy and gluten in which I became very sick.  I had a headache, muscle and body aches and my sinuses were very congested after eating these foods.  This was an indication that my body was intolerant to these foods and what is scary is that I have probably been intolerant to these foods my whole life!  This was my diet plan that was specific to me…each person is different and Dr. Chambers will have a different plan for you. His office is very relaxing, and I instantly felt comfortable there.  He receptionist Jessica is amazing!  The only regret that I have is not going to see him sooner!!

Rikki Petersen…

Dr. Chambers, I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of my new-found health. Since coming to your office and doing your cleanse, I have my life and health back. I did not have a debilitating illness, but I no longer have “bad” days due to not feeling well, which used to leave me feeling helpless. I now know what I can and cannot eat and it is so liberating to know that I am in control of my health! I am just as thrilled to have so much knowledge that I can share with others now. I love recommending your office to others and I do so every chance I get. Just as your name implies, you really can discover life again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Kristi on her twin daughters…

“The girls are doing really well on their diet and exercise program.  They have already noticed a big difference in how they feel and have a lot more energy than they used to.  One of the most striking changes is they don’t have a desire to snack in between their meals and two snacks.  In the past, when they would get home from school, they would be very hungry and go to the kitchen looking for snacks as soon as we arrived home.  Now, they take their afternoon supplement and small protein snack and are completely satisfied… All of my children and I have embraced the organic, whole foods, gluten-free diet and are actually enjoying it!  We’re shopping and cooking together as a family and always on the lookout for new wonderful recipes!   Thank you for bringing such a wonderful new lifestyle eating program to our family.”

Rebecca B…

“Dr. Chambers is a great Chiropractor. His gentle approach takes away the fear that some people have about going to the Chiropractor. I like the way that nutrition and exercise are incorporated into a holistic philosophy that creates a sense of health and wholeness for the patient.”